Kibako 木箱

A better way to share files

Share screenshots, images and more from your Mac.
Your files are yours and stored securely in your Dropbox or S3.
Optionally, add support for screen recording and custom sharing domains.

Kibako is free with no usage limits.


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  • Supports Dropbox, S3, and others coming soon

    Kibako plugs in to your existing cloud service. We’re supporting Dropbox and S3 right now with more soon.

  • Access your files from anywhere

    Your uploaded files are catalogued and accessible from your online control panel.

Choose your Kibako Pro features

Access the additional features you need to make Kibako do more

Kibako will always remain free for the basics, but for a small monthly fee we have added some additional awesome features:

  • Integrated Screen Recorder

    Show your colleagues exactly what you mean with a short video. A keyboard shortcut away and automatically uploaded and shared.

  • Share with a Custom Domain

    Replace the default Kibako link with your own domain name. Personalise the links to send to clients, colleagues and friends.

Kibako Pro is charged at $1.49 per month, per feature, and comes with a 14 day free trial.